Canyon Sunset Embroidered Silk Linen MEMT-023-4

Canyon Sunset Embroidered Silk Linen MEMT-023-4

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Code: MEMT-023/4

Color: Canyon Sunset

Width: 44"

Content: 100% Silk

Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is recommended. If you prefer to wash at home, you must test a swatch before laundering the fabrics at home to avoid damaging the fabric. NY Designer Fabrics does not accept responsibility for fabrics that are incorrectly laundered.

Country of Manufacture: IN

Suitable For: home furnishing, upholstery, jackets, blazers, pants, and skirts

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*We highly encourage you to purchase a swatch prior to placing a yardage order.

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Introducing our Embroidered Silk Linen fabric - a harmonious blend of opulence and natural allure. Immerse yourself in the tactile luxury of silk interwoven with the earthy charm of linen. The Canyon Sunset Embroidered Silk Linen MEMT-023-4 fabric is adorned with exquisite embroidery, showcasing intricate patterns that add a touch of timeless elegance. Ideal for creating captivating dresses, stylish blouses, or sophisticated home decor, this fabric embodies versatility and refinement. The breathable nature of silk-linen ensures comfort, making it a perfect choice for both day and evening wear. Elevate your creations with the understated sophistication of Embroidered Silk Linen, where craftsmanship meets style.