Multicolor Cotton Kalamkari Hand Prints CHP-195 Fabric

Multicolor Cotton Kalamkari Hand Prints CHP-195 Fabric

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Code: CHP-195

Color: Multicolor

Width: 44"

Content: 100% Cotton

Fabric Care: Dry Clean Only

Pattern: Ethnic print, Ancient print, Kalamkari art, Hand block print

Country of Manufacture: IN

Suitable For: Shirts, Dresses, Summer Wear, Masks, Curtains

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Cotton Kalamkari Hand Prints Fabric is custom block-printed, 100% cotton fabric, originating from Andhra Pradesh, India (South-Eastern India). The multi-layered process, including dyeing, bleaching, and block printing, is meticulously completed by hand. Kalamkari art draws inspiration from ancient India and reflects the culture during that time period. Each of these Hand Print Fabric beautifully tells a story, with motifs including animals, indgeinous people, and nature.