Appleblossom Silk 4-Ply Crepe Fabric

Appleblossom Silk 4-Ply Crepe Fabric

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Code: KC-108

Color: Appleblossom

Width: 44"

Weight: 40 MM

Content: 100% Silk

Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is recommended for all silks. If you prefer to wash at home, you must test a swatch before laundering the fabrics at home to avoid damaging the fabric. NY Designer Fabrics does not accept responsibility for fabrics that are incorrectly laundered.

Pattern: Solid Silk

Suitable For: Evening Wear, Wedding Gowns, Skirts, Blouses, Pants, Shirts, Jackets

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*We highly encourage you to purchase a swatch prior to placing a yardage order.

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Silk Four Ply Crepe is a medium-weight 100% silk fabric that is machine woven with a slightly ridged surface and beautiful sheen. This Appleblossom Silk 4-Ply Crepe Fabric is more durable and sturdy than other silk fabrics. The "4-Ply" in the fabric's name refers to 4-ply crepe yarns made of 4 very tightly twisted strands of silk filament fibers used in the warp, or filling, direction of the weave. Silk Four Ply Crepe is an exceptional choice for the fashion designer for bridal wear, suits, jackets and more and the interior designer that is requiring a premium silk with a heavier weight and construction with a traditional silky look and feel. Fabric Weight: 40 MM The fabric is sold by the Yard, and measures 44 inches in width.