Beige Gold Dupioni Silk Fabric

Beige Gold Dupioni Silk Fabric

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Code: DUPION 68

Color: Beige Gold

Width: 44"/54"

Fabric Care: Dry Clean Only

Pattern: Solid Silk

Suitable For: bridal, evening dresses, jackets, blazers, pants, skirts, blouses, and interior uses

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Our Beige Gold Dupioni Silk Fabric is a must have amongst fashion designers and interior decorators. It is often used in evening wear and bridal/wedding, but can also be used for suits and high end sportswear and home decor. Woven completely by hand, this medium-weight fabric has a characteristic slubby and shimmery texture that can be either tone-on-tone or iridescent depending on the threads used in the weaving process. It is very similar to the machine-woven silk shantung, and often interchangeable, but has distinctive hand-woven appearance. Dupioni is a very forgiving fabric that is very easy to sew.