Black Gold 1047 Blend Novelty

Black Gold 1047 Blend Novelty

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Code: VNS-1047

Color: Black Gold

Width: 44"

Content: 50% Cotton, 25% Metallic, 25% Viscose

Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is recommended. If you prefer to wash at home, you must test a swatch before laundering the fabrics at home to avoid damaging the fabric. NY Designer Fabrics does not accept responsibility for fabrics that are incorrectly laundered.

Pattern: Textured, Metallic, Solid

Country of Manufacture: IN

Suitable For: Costuming, sportswear, blazer, shirt, skirt

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*We highly encourage you to purchase a swatch prior to placing a yardage order.

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Our Black Gold Blend Novelty 1047 Fabric is truly ideal for special events such as costume parties, proms, weddings, bridal showers, cotillion, anniversaries and many other events! This fabric consists of 50% Cotton, 25% Metallic and 25% Viscose and is 44 inches wide. Make sure you get the most out of your fabric during your next sewing project - choose the right fabric! Buy high-quality Black Gold Blend Novelty 1047 Fabric by the Yard at NY Designer Fabrics. This luxurious fabric is also available in a wide range of colors. The fabric measures 44 inches in width.