Bone White Upholstery Twill Linen

Bone White Upholstery Twill Linen

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Code: N-004

Color: Bone White

Width: 58"

Weight: 11.5 oz

Content: 100% Linen

Fabric Care: Machine wash with cold water/Gentle Cycle and Natural dry

Pattern: Twill Weave

Country of Manufacture: CZ

Suitable For: Upholstery, Draperies, Cushion, and Slip Covers

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If you’re looking for upholstery linen fabric for projects, like re-covering a favorite chair or giving your sofa a makeover, our Bone White Upholstery Twill Linen fabric is the perfect choice for you. Bone White Upholstery Twill Linen is a 100% linen fabric with a twill weave. This fabric is suitable for drapery, curtains, pillows, cushions and slip covers. Just measure-up to see how much you need, and place your order. All upholstery fabrics are sold by the yard. The fabric is sold by the Yard, and measures 58 inches in width.