Champagne Bridal Linen

Champagne Bridal Linen

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Code: LN-018-2

Color: Champagne

Width: 60"

Content: 100% Linen

Fabric Care: Dry Clean Only

Pattern: Solid, Textured, Linen, Bridal, Sheer

Country of Manufacture: IN

Suitable For: Bridal gowns, skirts, tops, resortwear, special occasions

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For the perfect handmade wedding gown, you need the perfect bridal fabric, so we offer you our exclusive collection for your dress. Check out our Bridal Linen Fabrics! Our textured Champagne Bridal Linen Fabric is 100% Linen fabric, and it is ideal for bridal gowns, skirts, tops, resortwear, special occasions. It is made in India, and measures 60 inches in width. Purchase high-quality Champagne Bridal Linen Fabric by the Yard at NY Designer Fabrics.