Gold/Multicolor Metallic Silk Tweed 21 Fabric

Gold/Multicolor Metallic Silk Tweed 21 Fabric

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Color: Gold/Multicolor

Width: 48"

Content: 80% silk, 10% Metallic, 10% Cotton

Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is recommended for all silks. If you prefer to wash at home, you must test a swatch before laundering the fabrics at home to avoid damaging the fabric. NY Designer Fabrics does not accept responsibility for fabrics that are incorrectly laundered.

Pattern: Textured,Tweed, Metallic Silk Blend

Country of Manufacture: IN

Suitable For: Jackets, Skirts, Accessories, Luxury Bags, Tops, Shorts

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*We highly encourage you to purchase a swatch prior to placing a yardage order.

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This luxurious metallic tweed fabric is made from a combination of silk, cotton and lurex threads, and weighs anywhere from 106 to 150 mommes. Raw silk and cotton yarns and filaments are hand-dyed in a mixture of colors, and woven on hand looms using silver metallic lurex threads. It is characteristically woven with thicker weft yarns and fine warp yarns, giving the surface of the fabric textured, horizontal ribs. This multidimensional, multicolored raw silk fabric is most commonly used for accessories, luxury bags, blazers, jackets, tops, shorts, and other womenswear. The fabric is sold by the Yard, and measures 48 inches in width.