Golden Glow Dupioni Silk Fabric

Golden Glow Dupioni Silk Fabric

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Color: Golden Glow

Width: 44"/54"

Fabric Care: Dry cleaning is recommended for all silks. If you prefer to wash at home, you must test a swatch before laundering the fabrics at home to avoid damaging the fabric. NY Designer Fabrics does not accept responsibility for fabrics that are incorrectly laundered.

Pattern: Solid Silk

Suitable For: bridal, evening dresses, jackets, blazers, pants, skirts, blouses, and interior uses

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*We highly encourage you to purchase a swatch prior to placing a yardage order.

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Mulberry silk

Durable & luxurious

Made from a 100% natural fiber and the highest quality silk, the Mulberry silk products are the most durable and luxurious

Everyday use


Silk clothing and bedding is recommended by many dermatologists for people with sensitive and irritable skin because of its fine and delicate feel

Silk Dupioni

How it is produced

Silk Dupioni is produced by two silkworms that spin in a cocoon together, usually resulting in a rough yarn texture


Eye-catching texture

Silk Dupioni is stronger than most other silks. It is strong and lustrous. It has a crisp look with an eye-catching texture

Care Instructions

  • Professional dry cleaning recommended.
  • Hand washing will make this fabric lose its stiffness and shine and can cause creases that cannot be ironed out.
  • Dry iron on the lowest setting. Avoid water droplets.

Important To Know

The occasional specks that irregularly appear on the fabric, this is part of the making process of the silk by the silkworms.


Our Golden Glow Dupioni Silk Fabric is a must have amongst fashion designers and interior decorators. It is often used in evening wear and bridal/wedding, but can also be used for suits and high end sportswear and home decor. Woven completely by hand, this medium-weight fabric has a characteristic slubby and shimmery texture that can be either tone-on-tone or iridescent depending on the threads used in the weaving process. It is very similar to the machine-woven silk shantung, and often interchangeable, but has distinctive hand-woven appearance. Dupioni is a very forgiving fabric that is very easy to sew. The fabric is sold by the Yard, and measures 44/54 inches in width.